December 7th    MPOC Christmas Party Potluck at North Mankato Police Annex, doors open at 5, eat at 6 pm.  Entertainment will include caroling and a gift exchange.  We have a club tradition of playing "musical gifts".  That doesn't mean the gifts are instruments.  It means that, similar to musical chairs, we pass the gifts around in a circle.   When the music suddenly stops, the gift that you're holding is what you get!   Members, who wish to participate, bring a small gift, worth maybe $10-15.   We will have the new club tee shirts available for purchase too.  They look very good and only cost $10.  Thanks to Brad Nawrocki for getting them made!

Adult beverages are allowed in the Police annex, except for red/purple wine or punch!  George will bring coffee, water, napkins and disposable plates.  Although it is "greener" if we use our own reusable plates and flatware.  We're not planning for a slideshow of 2019 club events for this event (although that could be one option for our Favorite Trip Night in January).


Besides getting a great deal on a club tee shirt, coming to the party lets you beat the rush to renew your membership for 2020.  Only current members will be allowed to vote in the upcoming MPOC election of officers for 2020.  That election will take place at our January business meeting on the 7th.  Hope you can come!


MPOC Nov. Meeting Minutes

Belgrade Ave. Methodist Church

7 p. m. Tues. 5 Nov. 2019


CALL to ORDER:  President Mark Bosacker called the meeting to order at 7:09 p. m.


P L A N  N O W:  25th Anniversary of  MPOC founding, 7 p.m. Tues. 19 Nov. in Bel. Ave. Meth. Church (see notes below) Annual Christmas Party, Sat. 7 Dec. in No. Mkto Police Annex  (see notes below and later)


MEMBERS Present:

    Pres. Mark Bosacker, Vice-Pres. Brad Nawrocki, Treasurer George Fasnacht and Secretary Michael Sponberg.

Also Vicki Demers, Gary Dingler, Peggy Kreber, Joe Michel and Warren Wagner


TREASURER's report;  Geo. Fasnacht reported the Club has $ 924.13 in the checking account. He announced he had paid the tee-shirt printing firm $ 500,

as approved by members, for production costs of 25th Anniversary special tee-shirts.



    Michael Sponberg noted the 20 Oct. obituary in the Free Press of long-time Club member, Brand Frentz. Members also perused the family memorial service bulletin honoring Brand and celebrating his life.


    Sponberg also cited an article in the Free Press , 27 Oct., by Tim Krohn, urging more races, etc. on the Minnesota River. Joe Michel, Club member, was interviewed by Tim for the article.  Joe then corrected one or two points from the interview.


    Gary Dingler announced he'd found a copy of Darby Nelson's book, 'For Love of a River: The Minnesota'  at a book fair.  He bought the book for $ 25.00


Pres. Mark cited several events:

This day is the last to order 25th Aniv. tee-shirts at a reduced price.

Mon. 18 Nov. is a meeting of the Minnesota River Basin Ag-Urban Partnership Forum, 1-4 p.m. in the Mkto. Civic Center Banquet Hall, 1 Civic Center Plaza.  Mark encourages members to attend because partnerships between agriculturalists and city dwellers to improve water quality will be discussed.

    The Minnesota River Congress will meet in the Kato Ballroom on 21 Nov.  Focus is on a water storage bill being promoted by long-time Congress member Scott Sparlin of New Ulm.  Watch newspaper for details.



     Pres. Mark and Treasuer Geo. Fasnacht + member Dean Peterson attended a recent tour of the Mankato Water Treatment plant.  The plant is threatened by erosion of the Mn. River bank.

    Vicki Demers announced she provided refreshments, as a member of Friends of Minneopa St. Park, during a recent bike peddle called River Rambler.



     19 Nov. is our Club's 25th Anniversary celebration  in "the church" starting at 7 p.m.  George F. will cook coffee and provide plates and forks.  Brad Nawrocki will arrange a sheet cake for our enjoyment.  Geo. will also bring bottled water and perhaps mixed nuts.  Mark will arrange a display of Club mementos and a slide presentation.  Club members approved a plan arranged by Mark, whereby Shelley Harrison of Blue Earth Co. Historical Society will take over curating the Club's memento collection/archives.



    Brad  agreed to handle tee-shirt pick up from the printer, perhaps in time for our 25th Anniversary celebration.



    During our Christmas party no red wine or punch may be served.  Plan for a musical-chairs gift exchange and singing Christmas carols.  Set up of tables and chairs is at 5 p.m. with pot luck meal serving at 6 p. m. Please bring a dish to pass and plates, flatware and beverage of your choice.



Membership:  George reported we have 59 members paid for 2019.

Archives:  Please see above, Future Calendar events.

Hospitality:  Please see 25th Anniversary notes and Christmas party details, above.



    Vicki D. moved to adjourn. Peggy Kreber seconded. Consensus approval followed at 7:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted Michael Sponberg, Secretary




Upcoming Events


Monday, November 18, Minnesota River Basin Ag-Urban Partnership Forum from 1 – 4 pm at Mankato Civic Center, Banquet Hall, 1 Civic Center Plaza.
The afternoon will start with a keynote by Governor Tim Walz followed by a brief overview of water quality challenges in the Minnesota River. A panel discussion of large and small cities will offer insights about ongoing infrastructure challenges. A farmer panel will include diverse farmer voices
Feedback will be used as a foundation to shape potential next steps of an agricultural-urban partnership or pilot. For your voice to be included in the discussion, RSVP by November 14, 2019 This is a free event and light refreshments will be provided. Free Parking is available at the Mankato Civic Center Ramp at 125 South Riverfront Drive. 
Here’s the link to register via Event Brite
For more info. contact Kimberly Musser at or 507-389-5492


Tues. 19 Nov. at 7 p.m. Come help us celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Mankato Paddling and Outings Club at Belgrade Avenue Methodist Church  MPOC’s history parallels and illuminates important changes in our rivers. There will be free refreshments including cake. Besides some neat photos, we will bring the club archives.  MPOC has a lot of archives and we plan to turn them over to the Blue Earth County Historical Museum after this event.  For more information call Mark Bosacker at 388-7023. You may need to leave a message.

Thursday November 21st, The 13th Minnesota River Congress will be at the Kato Ballroom, Mankato The Agenda incudes a talk about the new book “For Love of a River: The Minnesota” by Darby Nelson (John Hickman, Geri Nelson)
Also, Scott Sparlin will talk about  the Water Storage Initiative including handouts before attendee's table discussions about creating water storage initiative components for success. For more information contact Scott Sparlin, 507-276-2280,
Sat. 7 Dec. MPOC Annual Christmas Party is in the North Mankato Police Annex. Please give some thought of a present to bring for the musical chairs gift exchange. Watch for more details later






MPOC 2019 Trip Schedule


This is the current Schedule of the MPOC’s 2017 paddling trips.  All trips are subject to water and weather conditions.  The meeting place is the parking lot of Belgrade Methodist Church, unless otherwise stated.  Please call the trip leader ( or one of the club officers listed below) if you are planning to come, especially if you want to use a club canoe.  If there are no calls the trip may be canceled. 


January, 1st            7 Mile Creek                      Bon-Fire/hiking/snowshoe              Noon/Potluck


January 8th           Belgrade Methodist Church       Election of Officers                7 p.m.

   ( Please note that this is the second Tuesday instead of our usual 1st Tuesday!)


January 15th           Williams Nature Center         Favorite Trip Nite/Potluck                    6 p.m.


February 19th         Belgrade Methodist Church    Eric KoserSummer on a NOAA Ship    7 p.m.


March 19th                   Belgrade Methodist        BE County Water Emergency Response Team     7 p.m.


April 16th            Belgrade Methodist         Waterfalls of Southern Minnesota               7 p.m.


April 27th            Three Rivers Float                    Meet @ Belgrade Methodist      10:30 AM            


May 4th                    River Float                              Specific details to be determined


May 21st              Belgrade Methodist Church    Swan Lake Nature Cruise              5:30 p.m.


June 8th               River Float                              Specific details to be determined             


June 18th             Hiniker Pond                            Boat Trials   Potluck                               5:30 p.m.


July 16th                  Blue Earth Gorge Trip     Meet at Belgrade Methodist Church 5:30 PM


July 20st              MN River – Judson to Land of Memories,   Meet at BAUMC at 10:30 AM         


August 20st          Lake Elysian, Janesville         MPOC Picnic/potluck/paddle             6 p.m.


September 14th                    Belgrade Methodist Church     Moon Light Paddle                    6-10:00 p.m.


October 12th            Red Jacket Park / Fall colors cruise      Belgrade Methodist Church      1 p.m.


November 19th          Belgrade Methodist Church         Speaker to be determined                7 p.m.


December 7th            Police Annex, No. Mkto.       Christmas Party/Potluck                          6 p.m.



Feel free to call a club officer about any questions or comments.

Officers: President Mark Bosacker 388-7023; VP Brad Nawrocki 340-4459

Treasurer George Fasnacht;   Secretary Michael Sponberg